Independence Day….Independent Life

The fourth of July is a great holiday.  I always enjoy the festivities and traditions associated with it.  One term we discuss often with clients is that of independence.  Retirement connotes such a different picture for everyone; however, the term financially independent is usually clearer.  This is the point in time when you absolutely own your time.  You can choose to stop working.  It is in reality THE goal of most hard-working individuals.  Surprisingly though, many of those same individuals have absolutely no idea how to quantify that goal or how close to that goal they really are.  So it becomes a nebulous future point.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  The attainment of any goal starts with definition of how to reach it.  The clients we work with have absolute clarity as to where they stand in relation to the goals they have.  This is incredibly empowering information and changes the day to day monotony into a focused means to an end. 

We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday this week!!!

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