Invest like Coach Pete!

In the statesman on Wednesday, the front page of the sports section landed the headline “Mr. Consistency” attached to Coach Peterson.  Now, I am not fanatical about sports but I am a fan.  I enjoy the local camaraderie that is associated with BSU football.  But the one thing I have been EXTREMELY impressed with is Coach Pete.  Not only as a coach, but as an ambassador of our community.  Outside the treasure valley few people know more about us than the blue turf and BSU – and their FAVORABLE opinion is due in large part to Coach Pete.

Now how does this apply to investing?  Investing is about patience, vision, and consistency.  Consistency is the output of our patience and vision of what we want.  Most individual investors cannot maintain discipline, but with the appropriate team around them they would be much better suited to reach their goals.  So when you watch BSU football this year – ask yourself, “Am I a consistent investor like Coach Pete?”

Have a great day!

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