Cart before horse or vice versa?

As a robust planning firm we often lament that we can’t help everyone.  We honestly wish we could.  Ironically though the vast majority of our community (or society as a whole) question if they need help from a true planner.  Most of our clients can’t imagine NOT having a team of advisors around them.  Why the difference?  It’s the same twist on why professional athletes have coaches.  Would anybody believe Phil Mickelson’s coaches have a better golf game than he does?  So why does he have them?  I’ll let you answer that – but circling back to financial help.  Most people who believe they can figure it out, typically make enough mistakes on their own that they would have been MUCH better off had they hired help long ago.  We firmly believe EVERY SINGLE individual/family should work with a true competent planner whom they can trust.  We recognize that in saying this we are bucking the popular current trend of “do-it-your-self” mentality.  This mentality fine when you are trying to adjust your sprinklers or change a faucet at home (or not), but not with something as important as the financial well-being of your family.  Hire a true professional to get unbiased advice and start reaching your goals or you can continue to muddle through on your own wondering if financially successful people have success because of advisors or if they hire advisors once they have financial success….is the cart or the horse first?  Success to you!

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