Demanding yet complimentary….

One of my biggest annoyances is when I feel coerced into taking a survey or laud someone’s performance because of sympathy or fear that “they” may not get high marks.

A recent car dealer thoroughly explained if I did not give them a “10” on all fronts 1/3 of their compensation could be jeopardized.  Wait a minute, what if I think your service is poor…now do I worry if I am honest I somehow keep food off your table? Businesses can act strange sometimes, most companies want to interact with us, but on THEIR terms…they want feedback but they want it a certain way.  Is that really feedback at all?  I believe we should be honest and demanding of those we do business with.  This does not mean to be rude or outlandish in our expectations, but it does mean when a business commits to doing something – they do it.  It also means we should be complimentary when those expectations are met and probably willing to be vocal when they are not met (once again kindly).  It does no good for any business owner to have a false sense of security assuming their clients/customers are happy and satisfied when really they’re not.

We hope the culture of our office allows our clients to be openly honest with us and seek out and have higher expectations in dealing with us.  We like that bar set high and strive to provide high quality service.  Not because we need the “10” mark, but because quite frankly it’s just the right thing to do.  Success to you!

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