Apple’s treadmill

As THE largest valued company in the world, it’s fascinating to watch Apple’s evolution as a company.  My feeling is in the beginning the new product announcements became their calling card.  Now, it feels that analyst expectations have soared past them (and maybe reality) so quickly that they are almost inevitably going to “let down” some analysts which shockingly WILL affect their stock price.

This post is not about stock price or forecasts, it’s about expectations.  Think about your financial future.  What are your expectations?  Are they reasonable?  Are they feasible?  Are you on track?  One of the most empowering feelings I think anyone can receive is a sense of direction relating to their financial goals.  We underestimate the burden of not knowing our plan and how we are doing in relation to it.  We advocate that every single family deserves to have a well-constructed financial plan. Can you imagine the societal benefits of such a thing (for another blog)?  Hope you have a great week!  Success to you!

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