From the Desk of Ben Boettcher

We live in interesting times. 

Dramatic geo-politics. Tremendous innovation. And technology that connects us to it all — including a lot of news and information that we’d rather not hear at all.

Even in the midst of a strong bull market, the shadow of rising interest rates, China’s economic ups and downs, the Euro-zone’s attempts to reconcile Greece’s debt and even our own upcoming presidential race, can lead to feelings of unease.

It’s times like these that having a plan really pays off.

I know what you’re thinking — of course a financial planner would say that. But the truth is, a solid plan let’s you ride out the emotional ups and downs of the macro trends as well as the day-to-day challenges life brings to us all.

In this issue, we’re looking at the advantages of combining an asset allocation strategy with a smart asset location strategy, as well as the short-term, personal financial planning steps you should consider with the likely potential rising interest rates.

After all, taking care of our clients — taking care of you — means helping them take a healthy, holistic view of their financial life, whether it’s accounting, financial planning or legal protection.

One last thought: planning isn’t just about tomorrow.

As famous time management author Alan Lakein said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

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