Market volatility can be confusing … and scary.

Market volatility can be confusing … and scary.

When the markets fluctuate significantly, what should you do? Some make rash decisions (which, if history has anything to tell us, may turn out to be a costly error.) Others aim to seize the potential opportunity to purchase “discounted” stocks – the old “Buy low, sell high” strategy.

What’s the right thing to do?

The truth is, there’s no pat answer to that question. Everyone’s financial situation varies according to their time horizons, their goals, their risk tolerance, etc. But there is one thing we can tell you that applies to anyone …

Be careful. Be thoughtful. Be wary of headlines or the advice of well-meaning friends.

Uninformed decisions may prove to be costly in the long run. The biggest mistake some investors make is simply basing their decisions on headlines or listening to the advice of friends. Headlines could be misleading (and they change daily), and friends may have the best of intentions, but you can’t always be sure that their advice is backed by actual data or knowledge.

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