This Election Season

It’s election season again. And perhaps more than any in recent history, this election season is showing feelings of uncertainty and unease.

For many, the risk is that these feelings lead to short-term decisions that may impact your long-term goals. The reality is election cycles have little, if any, impact on returns for long-term investors. (Read more about this on page 2!)

This political season, it is just one storm in the ever-changing weather of our lives. Just as we don’t let the possibility of a leaky roof stop us from purchasing a home, we shouldn’t let the feelings of uncertainty derail us from our long-term goals.

Yes, politics are uncertain. Yes, the economy is uncertain. And yes, there’s always that chance public events could upend our private lives. But we can’t let our feelings outshine reality.

For example, the Brookings Institute says the number of Americans that “worry a great deal” about crime is up 40% over just a couple of years ago. This despite the fact that crime rates are at historic lows!

The world will always be churning around us. The real question is this: how can you build a plan and team to help you ballast through the ups and downs?

This, of course, is our focus at Helmstar Group. In many ways, it’s the reason we exist.

If you’re feeling a little unbalanced in the midst of these turbulent times, we’d encourage you to lean on us. Reach out to your Helmstar team and let’s review your plan. Together, I’m confident we’ll be able to remain on what matters: you’re longer-term goals.

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