Dreaming Big: Clarifying Financial Goals

Helmstar is increasingly becoming known for our focus not just on ROI (return on investment), but also ROL (return on life).

We love helping clients achieve not just their financial goals, but also their life goals. In order to do that though, you first need to be able to clearly define those goals.

At Helmstar, we use our Discovery Board™ to help guide this process. But even without that process, a simple focus on your goals can help you clarify and, ultimately, achieve them. Here’s how:

Imagine the future: start by thinking about what the future you looks like. Dream. If you don’t have a big-picture goal of what your life will look like, it is difficult to define the “little” goals that will help you achieve it.

Get specific: don’t just aim for retirement or travel or financial security. Specifically state what those goals (or whatever your goals are) mean to you. Include the details, like when and how.

Check alignment: are these your goals or just something you feel should be a goal. For example, we all talk about retirement, but do you really want to retire? Or just retire from your current career?

Prioritize: none of us can do everything all at once. Prioritize whether your goals must be achieved now or later and their level of importance to your big picture goal.

Plan: work backwards from your goal to today. What steps can you take today that will move you closer to it?

Audacious goals are great. Clear goals are better.

If it’s been awhile, reach out to us about the Discovery Board and how it may be able to help you in this important process.

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