From the Desk of Ben Boettcher

With all the talk about the stock market’s recent highs, it’s easy to assume that market highs are somehow a rarity. But in fact, the stock market has reached all-time highs 50 times since 1985.


That should make these new highs almost unnewsworthy. Instead, we see all sorts of hyped up news articles. Even worse, scam artists see this as an opportunity to sell any

number of “secrets [fill in the blank] doesn’t want you to know!” or “once in a lifetime opportunities.”


The simple fact is data proves that taking a steady, disciplined approach to investing wins. Timing the market, constant reallocation, or “taking a flier” on a far-fetched investment opportunity nearly always leads to lower returns and a lot more headaches.

Our advice? Keep calm and carry on. Focus on sticking with the goals you’ve set, and don’t be tempted to make changes based on daily market fluctuations. It’s a recipe that works. We see it everyday.

Whether it’s a flashy news report or just a change in your financial landscape — retirement, inheritance, sale of a business — it’s important to remember that the precise ingredients may need to change, but the fundamentals of the recipe produce results.

Of course, if something happens in your life that you think might impact your financial goals or plan, please reach out to us. Let’s talk about it. But beware if you find yourself concerned with the day to day fluxes of the stock market. Ups, downs and, yes even record highs, are quite normal.

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