Be a Better Goal-Setter

How do you get the life you want? How do you even figure out what you want in the first place?

It’s not easy. But by dedicating time and energy — and seeking out a bit of guidance — you can develop a life plan that gets you where you want to go.

While financial planning is the core of what we do at Helmstar, we believe that it is just one piece of the bigger picture. And that bigger picture is life planning.

What do we mean by life planning? Life planning is the process of clarifying your goals, then creating a plan to take the steps to achieve them.

Key to successful life planning is examining one’s life from all different angles. This often means collaborating with your support team — attorneys, CPA, friends, family and, yes, your financial advisor. As part of the process you’ll ask yourself important questions, such as:

• Where do I see myself in five years?

• What brings me the most satisfaction?

• Where do I add the most value to my family/community?

• What short-term goals can help me achieve my life plan?

• What priorities can I wait to focus on?

• What should I be saying “yes” to more often?

• What should I be saying “no” to?

• How will I know when I’ve reached my definition of success?

• How will I know when I’m off track?

Life planning and the goal setting it involves can yield tremendous results. One famous study by Harvard University showed that 10 years after graduation, students with written goals out-earned their fellow students by double. Even more incredibly, those with written goals AND a plan out-earned those without by 10 times.

A life plan that includes clear milestones and goals helps on a number of levels:

1. They give you focus — you learn where you should be placing most of your energy.

2. They help you measure — they function as a milepost to see if you’re getting closer.

3. They motivate you — providing protection from procrastination and added energy

when you need it.

Of course, for some of us these positives can seem like negatives. I don’t want to focus; If it’s measurable, I’m accountable; I don’t want motivation, I’m plenty happy here on my couch.

But if you’re able to overcome these very human realities, the outcomes can be powerful. We’ve seen how some clients are able to achieve amazing things and find more joy thanks to life planning.

If you’re interested in learning more, please let us know. We have some proven processes that provide a balance of structure and freedom to help you define what’s next for you.

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