Jamie Hegstrom

Jamie Hegstrom

Client Services

Jamie returned to The Helmstar Group in 2017 after spending 8 years growing and raising her family.  She is interested in learning new things, visiting the mountains, hiking trails, and boating in Idaho’s beautiful lakes. When there is time for reading a book, that is just icing on the cake!  Her passion for working with people, making things run smoothly, and staying optimistic when things start to go sideways are life-long traits that benefit our team. Working in the President’s office on the Public Relations team in college was a fun challenge that cultivated a joy of working with a team to accomplish goals.

She works hard providing support to all members of the planning team and our wonderful clientele.  As the first employee of The Helmstar Group, Jamie understands the vision of this advisory firm, and is heavily invested in our clients’ success.


  • Associates Degree, Snow College