Fire, Aim, Ready approach to Retirement?

We feel very blessed to have a unique perspective in helping families properly manage their financial affairs.  That perspective is in having seen many approach, enter, and carry out the “retirement” years of their lives.  Interestingly, it is not as easy as one would think.  Most think once you have the financial necessities taken care of then you can just jump into retirement.  The reality is not everybody is emotionally prepared for that next step.  We find it critical to walk our clients through a series of self-analysis to understand how they envision what their retirement will look like.  Ironically, to some what they are really seeking is reprieve from their current burdens associated with their career, not necessarily the rigor of their days.  They don’t mind the getting up and getting into the workplace; it’s the stresses and at times personnel issues that weigh on them.  We often find philanthropic desires may feel the void and still allow a healthy pace of life.  In the end, there is much more than “finances” to consider when approaching the retirement phase of life.

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