Resolutions and failureā€¦

I used to think resolutions were so unnecessary.  Why would I wait to accomplish something until some arbitrary minute on some date of a calendar?  As if anything in me changes from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am on Dec. 31st.  But I have come to really enjoy the feeling of fresh start associated with our society and new year’s resolutions.  Now, like others I set some goals I know I can accomplish and realistically set some goals I know I probably won’t.  But it does feel good.  Failing on some goals while succeeding on others outweighs failing to set ANY goals…thus insuring total failure on ALL goals.  Financially,  procrastinating to set goals that will better help you reach your life’s goals and purpose is insuring failure of ALL of them.  While, true if you set some goals and fail in the attainment of them you may not like it – BUT will be farther ahead!  Go on – set some goals!

Success to you!

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