A Legacy of Wisdom

Passing on your personal finance know howto kids & grandchildren

It turns out, all these passing years have given you more than just a few gray hairs. With any luck, they’ve given you at least a little bit of the most precious of commodities: wisdom.

Your wisdom, earned through mistakes and countless lessons from mentors of your own, is so valuable, it may be the greatest form of wealth you can pass on to those you love.

But how? How do you share all you’ve learned in a way that makes a positive impact, instead of being perceived as boring, selfaggrandizing or controlling behavior? Consider these thoughts:

  • Lead by example. You know this one: actions speak louder than words.
  • Give freely. Share what you know with no strings attached and no expectations.
  • Seize teachable moments. Applicable knowledge is much more powerful than theoretical. What if an act of discipline could transform into an of enlightenment?
  • Use real examples. Share actual experiences where you learned your lesson.
  • Pace yourself. Smaller bites make wisdom much more digestible.
  • Think big (and small). Sometimes what’s needed is a specific lesson, other times it’s a big concept. Try to share both.
  • Write it down. The written word is a powerful way to process your thoughts and share them in a very lasting way. 


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