From the Desk of Ben Boettcher

For centuries, the North Star — the bright star stationed close to the north celestial pole — has played an important role in both mythology and navigation. It’s clarity and steadfastness in the night sky has guided explorers home, even on the longest of journeys.

Today, the concept of a “North Star” has become a symbol for a higher purpose — a vision for one’s life or business that goes beyond our typical day-to-day existence.

When it comes to investing, your North Star can lift your gaze from the banal aim of getting more money and help you focus on a higher purpose that adds richness to your life. For some, this is time with family. For others, it’s travel or working on behalf of their faith community or any number of things.

There’s a bit of a paradox here: by focusing less on simply “more money” and more on the purpose of your life and how money can serve it, most find they actually end up doing better financially. More importantly, they also end up better off by most every other measure.

At Helmstar, “North Star thinking” is baked into our process and approach. Even our name hints at how we see our own North Star: aligning life plans with financial plans. We even developed a process, embodied by the Helmstar Discovery Board, for helping people uncover and prioritize what’s most important to them.

After all, perhaps the unique thing about North Stars is how we all see ours just a little bit differently.

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