From The Desk of Ben Boettcher

From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to tell what led to someone’s good fortune. Hard work? Intelligence? Luck?

And there’s a host of cliches that capture our confusion: “Fortune favors the brave,” “Fortune favors the bold,” or (probably more accurate than we want to admit) “Fortune favors the fool.”

At Helmstar, we see it a bit differently. We believe “Fortune favors the prepared.”

World-renowned microbiologist Louis Pasteur spoke these famous words during a lecture over 150 years ago. He lived by them. Pasteur’s commitment and ability to stick to a plan allowed him to persevere through years of trial and error.

This paved the way for his success decades later when he made some of the largest scientific discoveries in human history. In his case, like so many, fortune did indeed favor the prepared.

Pasteur’s words ring more true today than ever, especially when it comes to planning for your future. Having a plan allows us to define our goals, build our confidence, measure our progress, and reach our unique version of “success.”

We can’t rely on luck. We can’t just wing it. We must prepare in every dimension of our lives — our minds, our relationships, our finances, and more.

Whether it’s the act of preparing or the actual preparation that matters most, I can’t say. But I do know Louis Pasteur’s words are as true today as ever.

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