From the Desk of Ben Boettcher

We didn’t go into this business because we love math (but we do!). For us, financial planning has always been about something so much bigger...

All too often, so many of us can get caught up in the “what” of money: what type of investments, what asset classes, what retirement plan.

But it’s the “why” behind financial planning that inspires us to come to work everyday. We call this our North Star, our higher purpose that extends beyond the 9-to-5 days at the office.

When clients come to us, each have their own unique vision for the future. They want to know how to get from where they are now to the life they want 10, 20 or 30 years from now — and we map out the route to get there.

Every day, we watch our clients take steps closer to the future they hope to create. We get to work with them to understand their fears, dreams and wishes. We get to celebrate their victories, encourage them through the setbacks and set new goals.

We act as both a witness and an advisor as they move closer to aligning their financial plan with their life plan.

At the end of the day, this is what we love most: seeing people living the life they’ve always wanted. After all, it’s the assets that can’t be measured — time spent with family and close friends, the freedom to pursue new passions, the stability to start a dream business — that matter most.

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