Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

Serving individuals and families is the core of our business. They are the reason we are so passionate about providing peace of mind through insightful and strategic planning...it makes a difference in an individual life.

Individuals find peace of mind through answers to the "what if" questions in their financial life.  Such as:

The number of questions is probably countless, but our process to solve the concerns remains consistent and effective.

You receive peace of mind as you see graphically your projected plan and evaluate the impact of your life's goals and desires while also evaluating and planning for the unexpected changes in life. That peace of mind is reclaimed as we consistently manage the unexpected changes in life and the inevitable economic ups and downs. We continually focus on the place where your wealth and your life intersect to help you achieve and maintain ultimate financial wellness.

We take special pride in the fact that almost all of our clients come by way of referrals from either our existing clients or other professional advisors.

Our services typically provide the greatest benefit to clients with investable assets of at least $500,000.

Professional Service Groups & Institutions

Professional services groups, such as doctors and dentists, have a need for experienced and informed consultants who can address specific needs with their various, and sometimes unique, retirement plans. Many members of these groups are also individual clients.

We utilize the same philosophy with these groups as we do with an individual.  We want to thoroughly understand your goals and objectives, then create and monitor a meaningful documented plan, and invest and manage your assets in order to support these objectives.

Our clients also include corporations and other institutions for whom we advise on portfolio design and implementation.

We advise on plans ranging from

With any of your plans, we offer you a no-cost "Check-Up" that will indicate to you how your current plan is meeting the objectives for you, your employees, and very importantly, the impact it is having on your organization's financial objectives, both short and long-term.

Charitable Organizations & Non-profits

We find great satisfaction in assisting public and private foundations, endowments and charities.
Charitable organizations and non-profits have a great need for more specialized consulting and investment management services.

We work closely with charitable organizations and depending on their needs, we advise them on:

We are here to shoulder many of the responsibilities that may require such expertise. Again, we offer a no-cost "Check-Up" that will address each aspect of your foundation so that you can clearly see if your portfolio is aligned with your objectives.