Our Distinction

Independent Ownership » The Helmstar Group is an independently owned firm. We are not affiliated with a parent company. We are not commission based. And we are not simply independent advisors in a shared office space. At The Helmstar Group, you'll benefit from a seasoned team whose role is to find the best wealth management opportunities for you.

Advisory TEAM » Unlike many firms where you are assigned to and work with only one financial advisor, you will receive the expertise and attention of the full Helmstar Group team. By working as a group to explore ideas, options, techniques, and strategies, we find financial solutions that enable you to achieve your goals and objectives.

A Distinct Planning Process » The Helmstar Group planning process is unique in its ability to clarify and measure the progress toward your goals.  This proprietary process has been developed through many years of practice, refinement, and client input. Far more meaningful than surface-level financial plans, the process sets our company–and our clients’ successes–apart.

Objective Advice » As a Registered Investment Advisor, it is our fiduciary responsibility to carefully consider your finances and act in your best interest. Our clients rely on our decades of combined experience from our credentialed professionals and on our reputation of integrity.

Institutional Access » Although The Helmstar Group is a small firm by choice, we have access to top institutional money managers not available to the typical financial advisor. Our professional relationships provide you with world class financial acumen and security. 

Long-Term Relationship » For almost all of our advisory team, this has been our only career.  We provide an important and yet very unique variable in today's advisory world...a credentialed and experienced team, yet enough youthfulness to see you through your own retirement years!


Getting to the "why" in financial planning

We all need to be reminded of the power of a sound, detailed, and carefully crafted financial road map. Basic financial principles need to be a part of the fabric of our financial lives. From the busy entrepreneur to the financially independent retiree, we all have lists of what we could and should do with our financial resources. Most of us, even when we’ve achieved wealth, question if we are doing the right things with our wealth to bless our own lives and the lives of our children and family in the right way.

Too often individuals get caught up in the “what” of planning. What type of investments, what asset classes, what retirement plan. The “what” is important in our work and we need to prudently attend to it. But it is in the “why” of financial planning where we discover the fire, passion and power of your financial road map. The what in a financial plan is a means to an end, but the why of the plan inspires. What strategies and tools we use in planning informs, but the why of planning transforms.

Understanding your vision, dreams, fears, and wishes enables us to help you develop a plan to navigate through competing priorities and interests for your financial resources. There are many “good” things to do, but not all of them matter most. In our decades of experience in advising clients, we’ve learned an important lesson; the fact that something is good is not always reason enough to require your time and financial resources. The strategies, tactics and tools utilized in our financial plan need to be inspired and grounded upon the why of our financial plans and not by the flashy trend or interest of the moment.

We help our clients obtain clarity on how their financial resources can more fully enrich their lives.

We pride ourselves in mastering the “why” of each client’s plan which is why we suggest you “Go Further and plan with purpose.”